Your fairy tale wedding is now a reality!


Krystal salon helps transform brides-to-be into beautiful princesses on their special day.

Our wedding makeup artists and hairstylists create unique looks by blending international trends and traditional styles. This has inspired our 3 key bridal styles – the classic South Indian bride, the Bollywood inspired North Indian bride and the elegant Christian bride.

Our bridal packages range from a one day miracle package to a 3 month luxury package, which includes facials, body massage, under eye treatment, skin lightening procedures and much more. Naturals also offers wedding packages for grooms.


Fantasy makeup is any look designed to help create an experience. … Fantasy makeup can help wearers pretend to be anything, whether it’s a mermaid, witch, insect, musical instrument or animal. You may also simply paint your face in a freeform fashion as you would a picture — you don’t necessarily need to be a character. 


Krystal Salon helps transform any fancy dress competition participates to represent them self as new character also a funky role  


Krystal salon

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